Geni Announces Billion Graves Association

As all whom are interested in genealogical research, as I am, headstones are particularly valuable in tracing deceased family members. Geni has just announced what seems to me a great initiative in further documenting (and translating) headstones from around the world via and app that can be downloaded from Works with iOs and Android Devices. […]

Updated Privacy Legislation Comes into effect on 12 March 2014

All organisations and businesses should be aware of upcoming changes to Australian Privacy Laws. There are now 13 privacy principles, which are divided into 5 distinct categories: General Data Collection Use of Personal Data Integrity of Data Access and correction An excellent free summary available via the Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertsiing [ADMA] Knowledge […]

Recent Functions Attended

I have recently attended three work-related functions. Microsoft/Intel “Go Wild” promotion; Xero Partner; & ICT123 Telstra Dealer. A few observations about the above attendances. It is very clear nowadays the popularity of Tablets versus Desktop Computers and even Laptops. A figure was provided at the Microsoft Function that over 70% of technology devices purchased via […]

Time Is Running Out – Windows XP

As many, if not most, Windows computer users are aware support for Windows XP is fast approaching – April 8th to be exact. At this late stage one can only wonder what threats emerge for those customers still running Windows XP after April 8th? We are very pleased that the majority of GJ’s Computer Services […]

Erik Brynjolfsson: The key to growth? Race with the machines

In light of the recent announcements of Australian Car Manufacturing ending in the next  few years, and commensurate loss of jobs (directly and indirectly) and changing Government support and funding for manufacturing more generally here is an interesting TED Talk by Erik Brynjolfsson on our Digital Age Erik talks about Big Data, Robot and […]

Looking for Video Interviewees

GJ’s Computer Services is looking for customers and non-customers to video interview about their use of technology. It can cover any topic you like. Examples: Frustrations; Favourite Websites; What you like about the Internet and the connected world; Customer Service experiences. Anything you would like to talk about. Please get in touch, and don’t be […]

Googles tips to help your website rank better

Rank higher Google helps you improve your website Do you want your website to be more prominent on google? Good news. Google has released a simple one-page guide to help you optimise your website to rank higher. Start with a relevant page title Google loves websites that are both relevant and useful to the user. […]