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One description about me could be that I possess “unbridled curiosity”. This is particularly so when it comes to the Internet and Technology. It seems to me that not only do we live in a lucky and simply amazing period in history, but the advances we see in technology abound, almost daily. Life since the early 1980s is so different today as to be almost unrecognisable. Further, according to many pundits and futurists “we ain’t seen nothing yet’, and this current technological age is barely born. That in itself seems amazing considering the changes and discoveries of only the past few years. Consider advances in health, medicine, genetics, communications, media and one can hardly think of any industry or profession that has not been touched or completely overhauled by the incessant march of technological advance. Some of it, one could consider scary, and there is no doubt that any technology of yesteryear or currently, can be used for nefarious purposes. A further issue of great concern, and one which arguably will continue to be prominent is how today’s technologies can be used by Governments and Corporations to track us and invade our privacy. It seems that we all have to give away a little of our privacy to benefit from much that is good about technology and the Internet. The main thing is to be aware of what is out there about us, or at the very minimum have as great a transparency and education as to how our information is being used or could be used. For this eternal vigilance is a must. No longer are we closed and living in our own locality. Our worlds are truly global. We have choices for information that no human societies have ever possessed previously. Personally, I have always wondered how todays’ Internet would have affected, for better or worse, previous periods in history, including World War 2, the Nazi Period and The Holocaust.

Due to this interest and curiosity it should come as no surprise that I find statistics, facts, infographics very appealing, and within the website you will find lots of this type of information that I trust you will also find informative and interesting.

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