We all make Mistakes!!!

Yesterday, an item of Mail arrived, which was delivered to my address (the wrong address). There is nothing unusual about this.

What made this an unusual mistake is:

  • It had an Australian International Post Stamp; &
  • It clearly was addressed to the same as my street address, but in the the USA!


BUSINESSES FAILING TO ADOPT NEW TECHNOLOGY WILL HAVE EGG ON THEIR FACE if they do not upgrade their existing Windows XP Computers by April 2014

It’s downright unprofessional and embarrassing when your PC is compromised and your entire contact list receives an email to “lose 15kg in just 15 days”, complete with a dodgy link fishing for their personal details. That’s something which could well be inevitable for XP users beyond April 2014 when security updates cease. It’s well known in cyber-security circles http://wind8apps.com/windows-xp-hackers-zero-day-vulnerabilities/#! that new vulnerabilities discovered being exploited by hackers in Windows XP has reduced considerably over the past quarter. Many experts are suggesting this shows the hackers are biding their time – they know if they discover exploits now Microsoft will still quickly patch them – but once they discover new exploits beyond April it’ll be a free for all and the hackers could demand considerably higher-than-usual fees to cyber-criminals who in turn can take control of millions of unpatched PCs. A dodgy email could be the best outcome; stolen personal information, passwords and credit card details are not out of the question.

Accounting firms risk losing SME clients if they fail to embrace cloud computing, survey finds [CCH Australia 18 April 2013]

“A majority of small- to medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners in Australia will consider replacing their accountant if they fail to make the transition to cloud-based computing software, according to new research into accounting firms servicing small business.

The research found that only 23% of accountants servicing SMEs have moved to cloud-based software to manage their client’s accounts, with these early adopters skewed toward younger accountants”. Full Article can be viewed here http://bit.ly/JhcM9J

Although this article relates to Accountants and Cloud-Based Accounting Systems, for example, Xero, the take home message is clear. Technology and its users (businesses and home users, including all mobile users) are increasingly moving to Cloud-Based Services.

From Xero Limited’s Interim Report for the Six Months Ended 30/9/13 there was an increase of 89% compared with the same period in 2012 from 111,800 to 211,300 Paying Business Customers globally. In Australia Paying Customers grew from 32,500 to 79,100. If one considers there are appproximately 1 million SMEs (Check Stats) in Australia one can see that there is still significant growth in this particular market segment. Additionally, the Partner Channel (Accountants & Bookkeepers) increased by 91% from 4,600 to 8,800. Such explosive growth is indicative of this Move to the Cloud Trend across a range of Cloud-Based Services. http://www.xero.com/nz/about/investors/reports/ 20 November 2013.

GJ’s Computer Services can assist via our partnerships with Zero Partners to move your business from your existing Accounting System.