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Recent Functions Attended

I have recently attended three work-related functions.

  1. Microsoft/Intel “Go Wild” promotion;
  2. Xero Partner; &
  3. ICT123 Telstra Dealer.

A few observations about the above attendances.

It is very clear nowadays the popularity of Tablets versus Desktop Computers and even Laptops. A figure was provided at the Microsoft Function that over 70% of technology devices purchased via retailers are now Tablets.

It is further apparent that Microsoft has been very unsuccessful in the Tablet Space and is hoping to recover some ground with releases of new Windows Tablets and Laptops, and in particular Hybrid Devices (Half Tablet/Half Laptop). These Hybrids are in my opinion vastly superior to the likes of iPads as both work related as well as consumption devices. Battery life is great.

It is also clear that Microsoft is under constant pressure due to sluggish PC sales.

What was fascinating about the Xero Partner event was the number of attendees at the Hilton. They were predominantly Accountants and Bookkeepers, not IT people as such. It is hard to imagine that an MYOB or a QuickBooks function would gather such numbers of attendees. Additionally interesting were the number of companies present that have applications and services that hook in to the Xero Platform.

There are many Xero attributes to like; whether from an Accountant’s perspective or that of end users. Two in particular:

  • Customers can see their accounts in real-time, and
  • The Platform is always up-to-date.

The ICT123 function was interesting in three particular respects.

Firstly,  there was an overview of the National Broadband Network [NBN] as it currently stands. Incredibly complex is the best words to describe it. If you are interested to see when your address might be getting the NBN enter your address here Secondly, Telstra is serious about further developing its SMB offerings together with Telstra Partners. This includes upcoming changes in how Office 365 will be sold in Australia; no longer exclusively via Telstra. Last, there was a demonstration of the SlideShark & BrainShark products – &

On Wednesday 5 March 2014 I will be the official photographer for ESET And The Channel Function. It is being held at the Langham Sydney. For more information click here


Unusual Customer Requests

There are many things I like about working in IT and working with different types of customers.

IT is always interesting and challenging. It is ever-changing and sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest changes; in fact to be abreast of all that is happening in IT is nigh impossible, so rapid are these changes.

There are many requests received from clients that are standard requests. There are those that that are atypical as people have different ways they use particular technologies and they want something set up in a particular way

Then there are those requests that best come under the ‘unusual’ and ‘I have not had that request previously’.

As anyone who is a SmartPhone/Tablet user there are hundreds of thousands of apps available the customers download and use. Noone could possibly be an expert on each and every one of these apps, however setting up and using apps is generally pretty straightforward.

A dear female customer of GJ’s Computer Services asked me to update her iPhone to the latest iOs. No problem there. Backed up the data locally and to iCloud and updated the system.

Though this customer does not have many apps, some of those she has on her device had been originally downloaded through other family member members’ iTunes accounts. Again no problem. All apps were restored. However, one app in particular (iPeriod Period Tracker Free – had historical data entered into the account that seemingly had not been backed up.


The customer also could not remember what email address she had signed up with nor the associated password. We worked out which email address, and were able to reset the password, and log in. Most importantly there were backups from within the app that were able to be restored.

So customer happy (always a good thing) and Geejay (myself) had something (somewhat unusual) to blog about.