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Updated Privacy Legislation Comes into effect on 12 March 2014

All organisations and businesses should be aware of upcoming changes to Australian Privacy Laws. There are now 13 privacy principles, which are divided into 5 distinct categories:

  • General
  • Data Collection
  • Use of Personal Data
  • Integrity of Data
  • Access and correction

An excellent free summary available via the Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertsiing [ADMA] Knowledge Lab is worth downloading and reading from this link

For more detailed information, including background, please visit the Website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

At the very least all companies should update their privacy policies, and seek information from their particular industry bodies which should already have in place templates and documentation.

Over time there is no doubt that that any breaches (such as via a businesses’ customers personal information being hacked and for example distributed online) that hefty fines will apply. It would seem that outside any financial cost to an organisation such a breach would, as it already is, be harmful to that particular company’s reputation.

It is also worth reading ITNews Darren Pauli’s Article “Privacy Act Audits Will Consider Infosec Budgets”

Books & Reading

As many customers are aware I have a wide variety of interests, one of which is reading.


I have long recommended LibraryThing to customers as an excellent method to catalogue books read, as well as the ability to review books, read others reviews, create wish lists and participate in Early Reviewers/Member Giveaways (although many books listed here each month are not available in Australia).


I only noticed today that the LibraryThing free service is limited to cataloguing 200 books, but costs only US$10.00 p.a., or any amount from US$19.00 up for a Lifetime Membership to add unlimited books.


Despite predictions to the contrary “the overall number of books sold dipped from 56.6 million in 2012 to 54.1 million last year (2103), a drop in value from $978 million to $917 million” (Jason Steger, Literary Editor, The Age, 4 January 2014).


If you are interested in what I have been reading here is the link


I am old-fashioned in so much as I love the feel of real books, turning pages etc. At the same time I read e-Books on my Kindle, particularly work-related material.


IMHO The Amazon Kindle Device(s) is one of the best electronic inventions ever!


Other sites related to reading that you might be interested in:

What Should I Read Next


Book Depository

Amazon Australia

Calibre E-Book Management

Project Gutenberg

If you are looking for Software to run on your Computer then CollectorZ Book Software is for you Cost $29.95 for the Standard Edition. Mac/Windows.

WikiHow – How to Learn Speed Reading

Speed Reading Test Online

Improve Reading Speed & Comprehension

Sydney Morning Herald Books

ABC TV The Book Club with Jennifer Byrne

If you have any great reading and/or book websites or wish to share the books you are currently reading and recommend others should read please share here.



Which Web Browser Should I Use?

As most computer users know we use a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) IE to visit Websites and explore the Internet.

We also use these Web Browsers to search, predominately Google and Bing.

IE comes built-in with Windows Computers. In fact there are two instances of IE on Windows 8 Machines!

The Safari Web Browser comes standard on Macs, iPhones & iPads.

Google Chrome is used as the default on the Android Operating System.

They all perform the same function, although each looks slightly different. Additionally, Settings for each Browser are in slightly different areas. One of the settings that most users change is that of their Home Page. This is the page that you are taken to each time you open your Browser.

So which Browser is best?

I have found that Google Chrome is generally the fastest and most stable. Other Browsers that I use and set up on customer systems are Mozilla Firefox and some times Opera. There are in addition to these many additional Web Browsers, many of which are based on the architecture of the above Browsers.

It is my view that irrespective on what Web Browser comes with your system another Browser should always be downloaded and installed.

It should be noted that some websites simply do not work in certain Web Browsers. Others may work, but display slowly, or a Website looks completely different when visited in different Browsers.

Favourite Websites (Bookmarks in Firefox) can be transferred between Browsers.

One area of confusion for some users is that Google Chrome is a Web Browser and Searching using Google is an ability that can be actioned via any Web Browser.Google Chrome Safari firefox


BUSINESSES FAILING TO ADOPT NEW TECHNOLOGY WILL HAVE EGG ON THEIR FACE if they do not upgrade their existing Windows XP Computers by April 2014

It’s downright unprofessional and embarrassing when your PC is compromised and your entire contact list receives an email to “lose 15kg in just 15 days”, complete with a dodgy link fishing for their personal details. That’s something which could well be inevitable for XP users beyond April 2014 when security updates cease. It’s well known in cyber-security circles! that new vulnerabilities discovered being exploited by hackers in Windows XP has reduced considerably over the past quarter. Many experts are suggesting this shows the hackers are biding their time – they know if they discover exploits now Microsoft will still quickly patch them – but once they discover new exploits beyond April it’ll be a free for all and the hackers could demand considerably higher-than-usual fees to cyber-criminals who in turn can take control of millions of unpatched PCs. A dodgy email could be the best outcome; stolen personal information, passwords and credit card details are not out of the question.

How can I bypass some News Sites PayWalls to view Full Article?

One description about me could be that I possess “unbridled curiosity”. This is particularly so when it comes to the Internet and Technology. It seems to me that not only do we live in a lucky and simply amazing period in history, but the advances we see in technology abound, almost daily. Life since the early 1980s is so different today as to be almost unrecognisable. Further, according to many pundits and futurists “we ain’t seen nothing yet’, and this current technological age is barely born. That in itself seems amazing considering the changes and discoveries of only the past few years. Consider advances in health, medicine, genetics, communications, media and one can hardly think of any industry or profession that has not been touched or completely overhauled by the incessant march of technological advance. Some of it, one could consider scary, and there is no doubt that any technology of yesteryear or currently, can be used for nefarious purposes. A further issue of great concern, and one which arguably will continue to be prominent is how today’s technologies can be used by Governments and Corporations to track us and invade our privacy. It seems that we all have to give away a little of our privacy to benefit from much that is good about technology and the Internet. The main thing is to be aware of what is out there about us, or at the very minimum have as great a transparency and education as to how our information is being used or could be used. For this eternal vigilance is a must. No longer are we closed and living in our own locality. Our worlds are truly global. We have choices for information that no human societies have ever possessed previously. Personally, I have always wondered how todays’ Internet would have affected, for better or worse, previous periods in history, including World War 2, the Nazi Period and The Holocaust.

Due to this interest and curiosity it should come as no surprise that I find statistics, facts, infographics very appealing, and within the website you will find lots of this type of information that I trust you will also find informative and interesting.

If you use any of the services mentioned in our website let the companies know that you found them due to a referral from us at GJ’s Computer Services.