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Googles tips to help your website rank better

Rank higher

Google helps you improve your website

Do you want your website to be more prominent on google? Good news. Google has released a simple one-page guide to help you optimise your website to rank higher.

Start with a relevant page title

Google loves websites that are both relevant and useful to the user. Gone are the days of repeating the same word over-and-over again to improve your google ranking. The first thing you should is to create a relevant title for each page on your website (known as a “meta title”). This title should be unique to each page and not too short or too long.

Then focus on page descriptions

Once you’ve got the page titles sorted you should create unique and relevant page descriptions (aka “meta descriptions”). These descriptions should closely match the content on the page and the limit for a page description is 160 characters.

Rename the images

With your page titles and descriptions in check you should make sure that every image on your website is named correctly. Both the image filename and description (also known as  “alt text”) should define the image correctly. Google doesn’t like filenames such as “image1.jpg”.

Write blog articles

Google wants you keep your website up-to-date and blogs are a very useful way of keeping your website content fresh. We suggest you write a blog article every few weeks to help educate visitors about your product or service.

An important note

Before you do any of this website work you should first figure out which search words and phrases your prospective customers type into google to find you. You should start doing some keyword research by using Google’s free keyword tool to figure out which words and phrases are the most frequently searched. After all the idea is to create a website with your future customers in mind.


You can also click on Link below to download to your computer and read/print.

Google one-page SEO Guide

Google Helpouts – updated

I have been trying to obtain a Google Helpouts Invitation Code for some months now and I received mine today.

Google Helpouts

To begin with What is Google Helpouts? It is assistance using live video. Check this link for more information

Although the Live Video Concept is not new, it seems to me for a lot of businesses having a listing (be it free or paid) is something they should consider.

You must have a Google+ Account to offer Helpouts. You can register to receive an invitation code via, Click on Green coloured “Give Your own Helpouts” and Request a code (below the Enter Invitation Code Box).

Once you receive your invitation code via email in the Capitalised Alpha-Numeric Format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX copy and paste it and follow the instructions to Create your First Listing.

Google Helpouts Signup 1

Google Helpouts Signup 2

Once you have filled in the required details, add a photo of yourself or a logo, Preview and Submit.

During the process you will also be prompted (if it is a Paid, rather than a Free Listing) to confirm your login details and create a Google Wallet Account (if you do not already have one). This is where any earnings less Google’s Commissions go.

You will then be prompted to download and install Google Voice and Video Chat on to your computer. You should also check that your computer meets the necessary requirements to run your Helpouts.

Before you can start with Google Helpouts you need to book a “New Provider Introductory Session” with the Helpouts Support Team, and have your Helpout approved.

Google Helpouts Signup 4

One last thing it is recommended that you record an introductory video (length up to a minute).

Once you are live any sessions booked by potential customers will show up in your Google Calendar. You decide when to make yourself available.

If any business out there wants to get a feel and understanding Browse Categories such as ‘Computers & Electronics’, ‘Cooking’ ‘Health’ and ‘Home & Garden’.

Aside from Businesses it seems to me that this could be an excellent vehicle for retirees, who may have some spare time on their hands.

As Google says “Happy Helpouts”.

Let me know when you have received an Invitation Code and any thoughts you have about Google Helpouts.

On 4 January 2014 I had my “New Provider Introductory Session” with Kevin at 11:45 AM.

Helpouts 2

All went well. Sound & Video was excellent for both of us. Part of the process is for Kevin (in this instance) to hear how you would interact with someone who has contacted you for a Helpout. He then approves his part of the Content process, which then goes in the queue before your Helpout goes live. If Google requires any changes they will contact you via email. Such a change may include a suggested better description of the service you are offering.

Mine is still currently pending.

s Google Helpout Pending

Helpouts List of Options to Interact

As Google Helpouts grows those Helpouts with the best ratings/reviews will go to the Top of the List for Searches. Clearly, visibility to prospective customers is going to be a challenge for those offering Helpouts.

The Introductory session was followed up by a short survey to complete.

For those who may be interested in offering a Google Helpout if you go to the Helpouts site and go to the Settings Star (next to ? near to the Top right) , Select Email, Complete the Form (and mention that Geejay from GJ’s Computer Services) suggested you request an Invitation Code, and Click Send. Let me know if you have any difficulties.