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Which Web Browser Should I Use?

As most computer users know we use a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) IE to visit Websites and explore the Internet.

We also use these Web Browsers to search, predominately Google and Bing.

IE comes built-in with Windows Computers. In fact there are two instances of IE on Windows 8 Machines!

The Safari Web Browser comes standard on Macs, iPhones & iPads.

Google Chrome is used as the default on the Android Operating System.

They all perform the same function, although each looks slightly different. Additionally, Settings for each Browser are in slightly different areas. One of the settings that most users change is that of their Home Page. This is the page that you are taken to each time you open your Browser.

So which Browser is best?

I have found that Google Chrome is generally the fastest and most stable. Other Browsers that I use and set up on customer systems are Mozilla Firefox and some times Opera. There are in addition to these many additional Web Browsers, many of which are based on the architecture of the above Browsers.

It is my view that irrespective on what Web Browser comes with your system another Browser should always be downloaded and installed.

It should be noted that some websites simply do not work in certain Web Browsers. Others may work, but display slowly, or a Website looks completely different when visited in different Browsers.

Favourite Websites (Bookmarks in Firefox) can be transferred between Browsers.

One area of confusion for some users is that Google Chrome is a Web Browser and Searching using Google is an ability that can be actioned via any Web Browser.Google Chrome Safari firefox