Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done. The great thing about a computer notebook is that no matter how much you stuff into it, it doesn't get bigger or heavier. Why is it drug addicts and computer afficionados are both called users? Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog. The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim. The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim. To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer. I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest. Computers can figure out all kinds of problems, except the things in the world that just don't add up. Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining. The most overlooked advantage to owning a computer is that if they foul up there's no law against wacking them around a little. One would think that if you're anonymous, you'd do anything you want, but groups have their own sense of community and what we can do. In all large corporations, there is a pervasive fear that someone, somewhere is having fun with a computer on company time. Networks help alleviate that fear. There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home. The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents. Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. The computer is a moron. If you put tomfoolery into a computer, nothing comes out of it but tomfoolery. But this tomfoolery, having passed through a very expensive machine, is somehow ennobled and no-one dares criticize it. Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning. To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so. If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside. I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image.
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What Our Customers Say – Customer Testimonials

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As a multi-business owner in the services sector, I need to be on top of Information management. As I am chronically time-poor, I also need to know what systems I should be using in my SME view of the world.

GJ has shown himself to be responsive, reliable and committed in my time sensitive world.

I wholeheartedly commend his services to you.

Dr Danny Beran (SpeakerCoach) - Edgecliff, NSW

Dr Danny Beran SpeakerCoach

It is with pleasure I have in writing this testimonial regarding Geejay.

Being in business for many years I always had staff that would look after all the computer orientated items on a daily basis.

Since my partial retirement, I now find myself having to actually do all the work on the computer.

Geejay has being more helpful and understanding with this project, he talks to me in a simple language and not Hi Fi computer language. He always runs me through the various procedures in a simple and understanding manner and also slowly which does help.

Geejay was at all times available on telephone or he would call over to me and actually provide me with more of an understanding and not just "press this" do that.

I highly recommend Geejay, by the way he actually installed my computer and taught me on it.

Anyone is at liberty to call me but you will not find a nicer, knowledgeable and helpful guy than Geejay.

Yours sincerely,
Brian G - Dover Heights, NSW
9731 0711

Brian G

GJ has looked after our computers and related questions and problems for several years, from setting up a PC for home use, sorting out any problems that occurred to installing a more sophisticated set-up for my business use. He comes up with practical solutions, from keeping the kids’ use of the PC separate to integrating smart phones and data back-up. He is responsive and always happy to help.

Eddy G & Jennifer F - Kensington, NSW

Eddy G & Jennifer F

Geejay I just want to thank you for all your help.

You have such a friendly approach which makes learning a pleasure. You are able to translate your expertise into my language and your patience ensures that it can even be retained.

I'm such a novice to technology and your help made it so easy for me to understand.

I very much enjoyed our lessons. Thank you.

Erica S - Bellevue Hill, NSW

Erica S

I had an unfortunate experience with my computer not working following the opening of an email attachment. I called Geejay Schneeweiss from GJ’s Computer Services who had previously done some work for me and came highly recommended from the Dell people from whom I bought my latest computer.

Geejay immediately made himself available and explained what needed to be done. Importantly, he was able to retrieve my data from my hard disk before rebuilding my machine.

If ever you need a computer technician who is friendly, efficient, an excellent communicator and competent I have no hesitation in recommending Geejay’s services to you.

Fred L - Rose Bay, NSW

Fred L

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently had occasion to setup a broadband wireless modem/router internet system in a small unit block in Bondi, NSW.

In doing so I was fortunate in having the services of Geejay whose help was invaluable, his guidance and instruction and good humoured patience with my computer illiteracy was much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Gerry N - Bondi, NSW

Gerry N

This is to certify that I employed Geejay Schneeweiss of GJ’s Computer Services to install Broadband on my computer, after eight years on dial-up.

He was most efficient, and was able to overcome all of the problems we encountered in a practical and efficient way. He installed a new provider in Exetel and patiently explained the uses of the new website until I understood it thoroughly. When something did not work, he came over instantly to fix it.

He was most thorough, and his knowledge of the new product was excellent, so he could explain it easily.

I would be most happy to recommend Geejay to anyone with computer problems.

Yours truly,
Helen M - Bondi Junction, NSW

Helen M

Dear Geejay,

When one has not grown up in the computer age with what seems to be an in-born ability to be computer literate, but nevertheless by determination and perseverance masters a working knowledge to enable one to be reasonably proficient, frustrations arise constantly when one is unable to produce the results one wishes to achieve.

Encountering this frustration from time to time has been ameliorated by the professional service you provide. I would like you to know that the couple of problems you unravelled for me which enabled me to "get on with it" has made the work that I do more efficient, easier and enjoyable.

I will no doubt need to refer to you again and again and it is comforting to know that you are at the end of a telephone and able to sort out the problems that may arise.

Hilliard L - Bellevue Hill, NSW

Hilliard L

I am a small-business operator, totally dependent on my computer, who tries to stay abreast of my computing needs. I have been computerised since 1985.

However, I am too busy to be aware of the latest available programs that can help me and my business. I also have had major problems when I upgrade my entire system, every two years.

I was referred to Geejay Schneeweiss through a computer retailer and engaged him to help with my latest upgrade.

Geejay responded promptly, installed all programs from my old computer successfully, and downloaded a raft of free programs that I had never heard of, to enhance my computer operations. In the process, he fixed scanning problems I had had for over a year which HP had been unable to fix.

Geejay's hourly rate was around half those being charged by competitors. I am pleased to be able to recommend his services.

Ian - Glebe, NSW

Ian Kaizen

We were indeed most satisfied with Geejay Schneeweiss's assistance to set up our computer as well as teach us how to use the internet and other functions.

Ingrid N - Dover Heights, NSW

Ingrid N

Geejay has provided us with great service in assisting in assessing what computer was appropriate for our needs and then his good humour and patience and knowledge came to the fore as he carried out the installation, got us started and is still there with support. All in all an invaluable service.

Jennifer & Dennis C - Kogarah, NSW

Jennifer & Dennis C

Geejay made my life with the computer much simpler. His knowledge is vast and he explains the different programmes effortlessly.

He always follows up, quickly, with my queries. I have no hesitation to call on Geejays computer services, whenever I require.

Karen M - Bellevue Hill, NSW

Karen M

Geejay has saved me from smashing the computer a number of times....he is always quick to respond to requests for assistance, is punctual and efficient. Geejay has saved me time and energy by researching and making computer related purchases for me, setting it all up and fixing any problems that have arisen. I highly recommend his computer services.

Kathryn S - Bellevue Hill, NSW

Kathryn S

I was having a great deal of trouble with my computer and apart from it having become very slow, a number of functions started to play up, and in general I was ready to assign it to the scrap heap.

Geejay Schneeweiss was recommended to me as being a very competent computer fundi who would be the answer to my prayers.

Geejay arrived for our appointment and within quick time diagnosed my problems and set about correcting what was wrong. During the course of re formatting the discs etc and then reloading all the programmes and data, I pointed out certain features and settings which did not operate or with which I had never been happy. By the way I was advised by previous Computer fundi's that some of these features could not be set up to do what I thought was routine.

In his inimitable, happy, smiling way, he set about finding out what was wrong and rectified the problems / settings etc. Now my computer is very quick, and has all the features and settings that I wanted, and which are up and running successfully. What a pleasure!!!

So, if your computer needs a "doctor" or if you need features or settings corrected as they do not operate satisfactorily, then call Geejay. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, efficient and highly knowledgeable.

Len R - Bellevue Hill, NSW

Len R

Who else but Geejay, could get two blondes, [not so dumb] - a unique duo of mother and daughter - to start computer lessons and actually get to be interested in learning how to play cards, receive and send emails, go on the internet, and just maybe become computer experts.

Geejay makes it fun, and is very patient. He is enthusiastic and proceeds at our pace always with a great sense of humour. He takes pride in our achievements and never lets us feel defeated.

Mary C & Kate C (Vaucluse, NSW)

Mary C & Kate C

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Geejay Schneeweiss to deal with any problems relating to computers.

I had enormous problems with which he dealt quickly and professionally. Indeed, he dealt with them so well that I have had no need to call on him for quite some time.

My experience has always been that he not only solves my problems, but that he is also very patient, using simple language when teaching me what I should be doing. And at my age this is no small feat!

Rina H - Woollahra, NSW

Rina H

I met Geejay in a computer store in Bondi Junction and was very impressed with his knowledge of computers. I asked for his card and was pleased to see he lived locally to me. When I bought my new computer I asked Geejay to come around and set me up. He arrived promptly and as I expected immediately got to work setting me up on my new Vista Computer. I was very impressed with his expertise, his patience and his friendly approach and in no time was writing my urgent Essay. I would highly recommend Geejay for his friendly excellent service and expertise in computers.

Robin O - Waverley, NSW

Robin O

Dear Geejay,

I just want to pass on a message of thanks to you for the help you have given me with my computer.

Being so reliant on a computer, I appreciate how you fixed the various glitches and allowed me to quickly get back to work. My laptop now runs brilliantly and all your efforts were right on the ball.

Your recommendation of installing AVG as virus and internet protection rather than Norton Antivirus was a good idea as well as it’s much easier to use and less intrusive.

Hopefully I won’t need you services again too soon but if I do, I’ll be straight onto the phone or email. I’m also going to recommend you to a few people I know who are basically lost in the world of computers and could really use your help.

Thanks again for all the work and the excellent service and I wish you and yours business continued success.

Kind regards,
Ronnie Atlas
Word of Mouth Communications
Melbourne, VIC
0418 666 600

Ronnie Atlas Word of Mouth Communications

He has fixed many things including a Trojan horse that infected our Dell Desktop. Geejay has shown us how to connect a camera to our PC, download and burn pictures to CD. Geejay has downloaded many programs for us for free that make for a better computing experience. He has assisted my children in some of their computer needs for school.

I recommend him to any business or person in need of help in the computer field.

Steven N - Dover Heights, NSW

Steven N

I didn't grow up with computers but a few years ago I realised that I would have to learn some basics. However technology is changing so fast that basics are no longer enough.

During the last few weeks Geejay has been assisting me in upgrading my equipment and teaching me how to use it. Whenever he comes I have a whole list of things I need to ask him and he very patiently and slowly shows me how to do whatever it is that I wish to know.

Susie G - Dover Heights, NSW

Susie G

Geejay came highly recommended to us, and he has certainly lived up to all expectations. Within hours after our frantic call to him when our old computer was struck by lightning he arrived, made the diagnosis and within days he had got everything up and running, making sure that that all the programs we needed were working. I know that in the future if we need any help Geejay will be at the other end of the telephone or over here within a very short time. He was a pleasure to work with so helpful patient, and super efficient.

Susie T - Bellevue Hill, NSW

Susie T

Very reliable, great sense of humour - and has always been able to solve all our problems and help with anything we require.

Tracy & Phillip S - North Bondi, NSW

Tracy & Phillip S

To whom it may concern:

Geejay Schneeweiss of GJ’s Computer Services has tremendously increased the efficiency and productivity of our information technology and Information systems. His expertise in all areas of IT has enabled us to implement and develop comprehensive IT systems and processes. Geejay has assisted us in all areas of our IT solution, from computers to telephone’s and POS integration support. He has been helpful, quick, efficient and knowledgeable in supporting our IT needs. Geejay has a friendly and personable manner. His explanation and communication of IT concepts is excellent, ensuring that no matter is overlooked. We believe that Geejay’s Computer Services would be an asset to any company. We recommend him to any endeavour he chooses to pursue.
Justin Dellicastelli & Ata Gokyildrim (Directors)

Justin Dellicastelli & Ata Gokyildrim Doughboy Pizza

Dear GJ,

Thank you for your ongoing assistance with our domestic IT needs. We know we can always rely on your comprehensive experience, your promptness, imagination and reliability. You have addressed hardware, software and networking issues for us ranging from minor inconveniences to more significant outages. I don’t think there’s been a single issue that you haven’t resolved and, despite our own collective IT ineptitude, always resolved with a smile.

Best of all, my mother now turns to you first for her own technical assistance, which is a baton that I have reluctantly relinquished.

Mark G - Rose Bay, NSW

Mark G

Old Fashioned Service, Honesty and Reliability is what you need from your Mechanic and these days even more importantly from your computer support company...this is what you get from's a lost art I know... but he manages to maintain this even in this modern day of fast promises.

Brian S - Bronte, NSW

Brian S

Dear Geejay,

We are pleased to recommend Geejay from GJ's Computer Services for computer support, training and fixing.

Geejay came highly recommended to us from one of his existing customers. We have been very impressed with his knowledge, punctuality and ability to solve all issues that we have experienced from time to time. Not only does he come around to our home to fix things, but he is readily available for phone support. If we have not understood something the first time he patiently explains it until we are comfortable with something that is new to us.

Not only has he fixed things, connected devices such as our GPS, but he has also purchased equipment such as an All in One Printer on our behalf.

We would happily recommend Geejay and his professional services to anyone requiring such assistance.

Luis & Liz S - Rose Bay, NSW

Luis & Liz S

Thank you GJ for –turning me into a windows 7 aficionado – the process was seamless. Thanks for buying, organising and your technical knowhow for installing – all very professional, good hints and a spot of humour. Knockout service.

Linda -  Bronte, NSW
The Tate Gallery Pty Limited

Linda Tate The Tate Gallery Pty Ltd

To whom it may concern,

Geejay has provided a very patient, prompt and professional service to our company. He has been Limelight Illuminations IT consultant for the past six months and has managed our computer network, internet services, hardware and software problems and requirements. Geejay is always upbeat and pleasant to have in the office but also provides an excellent remote server service to ensure speed and efficiency at resolving any IT problems.

We have been so delighted that he is now attending to all our computer needs at home as well! We are very pleased with his expertise and service.

We highly recommend using Geejay’s computer services.

Kind Regards,
Judy Leach
Limelight Illuminations
Rose Bay

Judy Leach Limelight Illuminations


We have known Mr Geejay Schneeweiss of GJ’s Computer Services for a number of years. Mr Schneeweiss is contracted by our company to service and maintain and operate all of our Information Technology hardware and software. Mr Schneeweiss also performs the same functions for us domestically.

Over decades of being a user of the growing Information Technology and the growing dependence of our Australian and International business’ use of that technology, we have never had a more capable and committed person to take care of all our related requirements. Mr Schneeweiss is always available at short notice (including after hours) and is particularly good at working one on one with each member of our staff. Mr Schneeweiss is always aware of technological advances and the release of new equipment, not only to do with the main core computer functionality but to the important communication tools and the connectivity so as to allow our executives to communicate both internally and externally with ease, speed and accessibility.

We highly recommend Mr Geejay Schneeweiss and GJ’s Computer Services and should you require any further particulars, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

With kind regards
Yours sincerely
R. E. Morton
Sydney CBD or

Rod E Morton Intercontinental Jewellery Manufacturing Limited

My son has traditionally looked after all my computer requirements, which he does from overseas.

I had occasion recently to require the services of someone locally to attend to some relatively minor matters regarding my computer.

I was aware of Geejay Schneeweiss through his aunt and a close friend of mine.

We made a mutually suitable time to meet and Geejay diligently and methodically went through the various issues, solving those he could and making recommendations for those that were not immediately able to be resolved.

He explained everything he was doing in language that I understood, and subsequently wrote a detailed report to my son to review.

Prior to Geejay’s visit I had a web camera that I had never had connected, it is now connected and working, although I am not sure that I wish to be seen on Skype!

I have pleasure in recommending Geejay’s computer services, particularly to seniors.

(Mrs.) E. F, Darling Point, NSW

Erika F

I have used many IT consultants over the years.

There are few who can clearly explain IT concepts as easily and clearly as Geejay. Whether it's his understanding of ISDN, VoIP, encryption, mail servers, ethernet, WiFi, RAM, ISPs e.g. Internode, PC’s or Macs, LastPass, Broadband and everything else, he's on top of his game and can help anyone understand what these all mean and how they figure in the IT jigsaw puzzle.

I also found Geejay to have the right solutions for me - at the budget I could afford.

And his repertoire of jokes while on the job makes for a more enjoyable experience.

I am happy to recommend Geejay and intend to continue to use his service in the future.,,

Greg Weiss CareerSupport365


A trusted friend referred me Geejay and I can confirm that all our IT needs are being met with total satisfaction. I am now referring clients to Geejay!

Geejay is very transparent operator and very much up to date with the fast moving technology and he has made me aware of a large range of software and applications that make life better, efficient and simpler.

Zoran Malesevic Harzed Finance

I found GJ’s Computer Services of Bellevue Hill, N.S.W., 2023 to be an efficient and highly capable computer service in helping me solve serious software problems with my computer system. The principal, Geejay Schneeweiss, is an engaging person with extensive business experience. What I found most impressive was his ordered approach to the diagnosis of my software problems and how he clearly articulated the issues to me in an understandable fashion. His advice on how I could improve my system, as well as with other hardware and software related matters, has helped me enormously and carries with it my genuine recommendation.

Dr Maxwell S The University of Sydney Business School

We have used Geejay over the past [  ] years to help us with any IT and computer issues and are very happy with the service he provides. He has always been very reliable and attends to our needs promptly. We have also used his photography and videography services and have been very pleased with these. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Amanda & Tony S - North Bondi, NSW

Amanda & Tony S

To whom it may concern,

This is to confirm that G'J's computer Service did an outstanding job of repairing our computer. GJ was on time, which to us was worth gold!!! Secondly, he recognized the problem fairly quickly and managed to fix it without delay. Thirdly, his honesty and integrity was worth everything!!!

Thankyou G'J's Computer Services for all your help. I would have no hesitation what so ever to get in contact again should there be another problem.

Kind regards
Shelley Lynne G - Waverley, NSW

Shelley G

Hi Geejay,

Thank you for your time over the past few weeks fixing all our network issues. Your level of professional knowledge and service in this area was far superior to any other technical support i have ever had to use in the past and the way in which you communicated with us at Box Diner was exceptional. I would highly recommend GJ's Computing services to any one who needed IT help of any manner. You won’t be disappointed.

Toby Boutland
65 Tennant St Fyshwick
PO Box 5124 – Kingston, ACT 2604
Ph (02) 6202 5555

Toby Boutland Box Diner Café

To whom it may concern:

I have had the need to use the services of GJ’s Computer Services to supply, install and maintain my personal information technology equipment on several occasions.

xThis has always been done promptly, efficiently, and pleasantly and at a cost which has always seemed reasonable.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone needing IT services.

Emeritus Professor Graham de Vahl Davis AM FTSE FASME FIEAust
Honorary Professor, The University of New South Wales
President, International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer
Editor in Chief, Computational Thermal Sciences

Graham D V D The University of New South Wales

We are delighted to recommend GJ to all his present and future clients.

GJ shows remarkable patience and care no matter whether the problem is large or small.

GJ is always available and communicates at the highest level, in fact we do not know what we would do without him.

Mark & Claudette J - Woollahra, NSW

Mark & Claudette J

GJ’s Computer Services give me complete confidence that the job will get done timely and efficiently. I am grateful to have someone like Gee Jay, who for five (5) years, has come to the rescue when I need to set up a new computer or wireless network, get rid of viruses or fix any mysterious computer things that go haywire.

Geejay’s main strength is his breadth of knowledge and attention to detail; however, he is also very reliable, punctual and cost effective.

I will continue to use his services & recommend GJ’s highly.

K McGrath
Top Kat Events
Bondi, Australia

Kat McGrath AAS Events

Geejay and the team at GJ’s Computer Services came up with cost effective and extremely workable IT solutions for my small business which has put us in very good stead for the past two years.

I have no hesitation in recommending GJ’s Computer Services to any business practitioner.

Sue McAullay - Manly, NSW

Sue MacAullay SueMacMedia Pty Ltd

Geejay has the technical ability to solve all my electronic problems in a single visit. Computer, TV, printer, modem connection and installation and , where necessary , their integration with one another was accomplished without fuss all at a reasonable fee. I could not recommend him more highly.

Tim A - Kings Cross, NSW

Tim A

I have set up 3 internet connections for my business with Geejay and when I need another I will call him again. That's because he provides an excellent and friendly service.

Daniel Benmayor.
Haymarket, NSW

Daniel Benmayor Coffee School

Geejay quite simply made it easy. We told Geejay what we wanted from a home office and told him that while we had a certain amount of computer knowledge we were certainly not experts. Geejay not only told us what to buy, he bought it for us, set everything up and didn't stop until everything was working to our satisfaction. He even set up remote access so that the inevitable hiccoughs could be dealt with fast and kept his after sale promise of being available when we needed him.

Dr Jonathan B - Dover Heights, NSW

Dr Jonathan B

My computer crashed as the result of a virus infection.

Geejay attempted to fix the problem remotely which proved impossible so

arrived promptly and tried onsite.

At his suggestion and with my immediate agreement, he obtained a new computer which he installed a couple of days later. Geejay is punctual, amusing and highly competent.

I am especially grateful that he can access my computer remotely. After many problems and various visits, I am delighted with his expertise and for being referred to him.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to everyone I know!

Julia C - Elizabeth Bay, NSW

Julia C

We recently engaged the professional services of Geejay Schneeweiss of GJ’s Computer Services to integrate a new home laptop into our home ADSL wireless system and to upgrade and streamline our existing computer facilities. Mr Schneeweiss worked efficiently and most competently, achieving all the outcomes that we had hoped for. Moreover, he took the time to explain clearly and patiently the basic principles underlying the steps he was taking, providing us with a greater insight into the workings of our computer systems than we had ever had before. He was able to address all our concerns to our total satisfaction. Mr Schneeweiss is an excellent communicator as well as highly skilled IT expert. We would recommend his professionalism and expertise in the highest of terms.

Konrad & Jane K - Earlwood, NSW

Konrad and Jane K

I am pleased to be able to provide this business reference in support of GJ’s Computer services who l recently engaged. I found the principal of the company Mr GeeJay Schneeweiss to be extremely prompt in providing advice and highly skilled with his technical knowledge of “trouble shooting” numerous software problems on several of my computers.

Mr Schneeweiss provided a prompt “on site “service and resolved my problems quickly and was always available to answer later enquiries without delay.

l am happy to recommend his services.

Michael M AM - Clovelly, NSW

Michael M

Geejay Schneeweiss from GJ's Computer Services undertook to assist our office with its IT requirements at the beginning of 2011. Our project required a decentralization of a group solution servicing three separate offices. It involved the supply, purchase and installation of new servers and software to accommodate a staff of eleven including the transfer of selected data across to the new system.

The majority of the work was completed over a weekend and predominantly out of normal working hours. Upon arriving at our office on Monday morning, our system was installed and operational. I was impressed with Geejay's attention to detail and his follow through on all matters regardless of their size or significance. I was also impressed with his regular communication and ongoing recommendations on increasing and improving our IT efficiencies. He has dealt with a number of our staff along the way and each have reported favourable results and outcomes to me.

We have engaged Geejay to maintain our operational systems and communications and to date, have been delighted with the service that has been provided.

We have no hesitation in recommending Geejay Computer Services to you and should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

Trevor Leach

Trevor Leach Ray White Double Bay Property Management

Geejay set up my home computer system and internet connection, his expertise made the whole process quick and trouble free. I have been very happy and satisfied with Geejay's computer services. It is reassuring to know I can call on him if I encounter any problems with my computer. Sabrina, Post-Grad Student.

Sabrina S - Paddington, NSW

Sabrina S

I would like to convey how GeeJay’s Computer Services was able to demonstrate and assist me to become computer literate and how Geejay's computer services was superior to all available and existing computer services.

For many years I attended several computer classes all of which were costly and were 1 or 2 day duration . All the courses involved a teacher in front of a group who initially explained the parts of the computer and then some programmes.

Teaching the programmes was controlled, so that one could only press the keys mentioned for the lecturer had control of all the students’ computers. Because of this, one could not go back and practice or just review the steps of the programme being taught. Then at the end of the course one was given a book with lots of technical terms, which I was unable to follow.

I am an “oldy” and attended some senior classes in my area however these were not much better.

I recently contacted Geejay who came to my home and one on one explained and demonstrated the computer and various programmes. I was able to call him as often as was needed till the present, whereby now, I am confident and able to use my computer daily.

The costs of Geejay’s services so far have not been as costly as one of the computer courses I had attended. Geejay has saved (now us - my husband and I) hundreds of dollars by simply recognising the faults I had with the computers we have set up being the fault of the service provider. He is now looking into making my husband’s systems faster and less complicated; what more could we want?

Many thanks Geejay.

Simone L - Maroubra, NSW

Simone L

Excellent Computer Service and Repairs

I have been using GJ’s Computer Services for so some seven years. GJ explains things in a simple and precise way that a lay person can understand with the added bonus that his prices are much lower than some other computer service companies that I come across on the internet.

He has responded to requests for assistance even on days such as a Sunday afternoon when my system was hit by a virus. When scheduled for an on-site visit he shows up right on time.

If you have a networked home office with several computers or a small business and need help with computers I highly recommend GJ’s Computer Services. He is trustworthy, professional, fast, reliable and very competitive on prices.

Vic P – Kensington NSW 2033

Vic P

Since moving into our new home and undergoing the new challenges of our Computing Technology Geejay has been amazing.

Not only is he reliable and friendly, but he has been able to unravel even the most challenging and difficult computer problems. His patience with explaining and retraining the computer users has also been exemplary! One of the most comforting things about his service has been the Remote Hookup so that even from a distance Geejay can work his magic.

Service with a Smile, Thanks Geejay.
Julie Bowman - Thermomix Consultant

Rose Bay, NSW

Julie Bowman Thermomix Consultant

To Whom It May Concern:

GeeJay 's Service has been used by my family and myself for years. He is excellent at getting our laptops etc. to work efficiently. He is prompt and cheerful. I have been amazed several times at his knowledge and skill.

Dr Lionel J.H FFARCS

Darling Point, NSW

Dr Lionel J.H FFARCS

As a customer GJ's Computer Services I have had its service performed quickly, efficiently and in a very friendly and courteous manner. In my dealings with GJ’s Computer Services nothing has ever been too small or large and has been attended to very promptly. I will continue to use this service for the manner in which Geejay handles clients.

John H - Frenchs Forest, NSW

John H

We recently engaged the services of GJ’s. We are a small business that needed a complete IT overhaul. Geejay Schneeweiss is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and is very easy to talk to and get a hold of. Nothing is ever a problem, and there was no issue he was not able to deal with. We highly recommend GJ’s Computer Services.

Philip Dimov – Xbox Projects Pty Ltd, Canberra, ACT

Philip Dimov Xbox Projects Pty Ltd

Herino Pty Ltd has used the service of Geejay’s computer services over the past three years for all our IT requirements. Geejay’s knowledge and practicality makes him a pleasure to deal with. His personable manner and ability to explain It Jargon in layman terms is refreshing. Geejay has always been available to assist from setting up our server to daily operational IT needs as well as adding value with the latest technology and efficiency processes. I without hesitation recommend and endorse Geejay and GJ’s Computer Services.

Eli C – Herino Pty Ltd

Eli C Herino Pty Ltd

Dear Geejay,

Following your expert intervention my computer is up and running again.

I very much appreciate not only your computer expertise but also your patients in helping an ageing computer semi-literate such as myself.

Again my thanks.  Alan L - Dover Heights, NSW

Alan L

Dear Geejay,

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your invaluable assistance each and every time I have called upon you for support.

Your speedy response time and ability to resolve issues is wonderful .

I also value your knowledge and recommendations to implement changes which improve my productivity.

It is your proactive approach and expertise with patience and support which gives me confidence in an area which I find challenging .

I would be happy to recommend your services to individuals or business.

Thank you again.


Sandra P - (United Transport) - Maroubra, NSW

Sandra P

Geejay has taken many fantastic photos for several School Reunions in the last few years. The photos have been enjoyed by many of our Alumni. We have used many of these photos in our College publications. Thank you Geejay for always being reliable.

The Moriah College Alumni Association

In my professional dealings with Geejay I have found him to both reliable and engaging. He is always forth right in his feedback as well as supportive of the programs where I have utilized his services. On many occasions he has volunteered his efforts and skills to help me produce successful professional outcomes for my business as well as volunteer organizations we have been involved with together. I recommend his diligence and dedication to all and have no hesitation on calling on his skills in the future.

Robert Crane CIAOPS

Dear Geejay

You saved my life – you are a real star!

I have to say, I was very impressed with your response, knowledge and actions and will definitely recommend you.

Pam B

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